Technology & Features

Reflective Interior

An interior reflective accessory panel can be selected to create a more visually pleasing fire. Not available for series 40 fireplaces.


Double Glass

The made-to-order double pane glass option reduces the exterior glass panel temperature. A screen barrier is also available. Both double glass and screen systems meet and exceed the new barrier standard.


Power Vent

This option allows for a small diameter chimney, longer vent runs and the option to run the pipes horizontal, vertical and below the plane of the firebox.


Operational Controls

Fireplaces include a remote control device that operates the pilot ignition, timer, thermostat as well as other optional features. A wall switch option is available and can be integrated into a smart home system.


Direct Vent

Ortal fireplaces operate with direct vent, balanced flue venting system.  A direct vent gas fireplace is room-sealed using a glass front.  The flue uses natural ventilation to pull in air from and release exhaust gases to the outside.


Interior Design Media

Fireplaces are delivered with interior design media included. Choose from: Log set, Branch Set or Ceramic Stones in a variety of finishes. A variety of after market media is also available. View the online Interior Design Media Brochure.

Ceramic Stones

Log Set

Branch Set

Gas Fireplaces / Direct Vent

Ortal USA offers the largest line of modern fireplaces available in North America. With 6 basic styles and more than 60 standard products, Ortal's innovative direct vent gas fireplaces have become integral parts of residential homes, hotels and restaurants. Ortal USA fireplaces provide form and function with high efficiency ratings, safe and easy operation, and eye catching aesthetics including ORTAL's signature frameless glass-to-glass applications.

All ORTAL fireplaces operate with a direct vent, balanced flue venting system. A direct vent gas fire is room-sealed using a glass front. The flue uses natural ventilation to pull in air from and release exhaust gases to the outside.

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